A beautiful carpet binds your room together, and creates a sense of wholeness in the interior of your home. Get inspired by the carpet ideas we feature for living rooms below!

Traditional carpets

Traditional carpets can make soft and relaxing zones in your living room. If you like rustique earth colors, you can mimic them in the textiles you choose for your floor. Here are some good-looking beige carpets to explore. Ferdow carpets, perhaps inspired by the middle eastern Ferdows carpets, are usually more ordained and intensely patterned than the beige carpet, and can be used to spice up things a bit.

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles provide a good alternative to wall-to-wall carpets (featured in the next point), and a lot of people are starting to catch onto the wave. On one Norwegian website featuring teppeflis – their name for carpet tiles – the main reasons more and more people are buying them is that they are easy to clean, they’re durable, and you can use them to design your room in different shapes and color. Who would have thought the modern Vikings care so much for their floors when all they would step on in the past was dirt? 


Carpets that cover your room wall-to-wall are great for creating a soft and comforting surface, and they are especially cozy during cold winter nights. The different designs give life to the carpets, since the patterns are made on several different levels. 

Pick and choose from the above carpet ideas for your living room! A bonus tip is that for as long as you vacuum the carpets regularly, and they are of good quality, your indoor climate will flourish just as much as if you only had plain floors without any rugs.